Modular Samples Synth Drums

300 unique electronic drum sounds in one package. We like!

Modular Samples has just released a free drum samples wav pack of over 300 unique drum sounds sampled from four synths/drum machines: Korg Mono/Poly, Yamaha CS30i, Roland Jupiter 4 and the Electron Machinedrum.

From straight up kicks, snares, and hats, to more adventurous bleeps and squeals, this drum pack has it all covered – and most of the samples aren’t labelled with particularly useful filenames, so searching through is the order of the day. I love this approach, because it guarantees you’ll find something you weren’t necessarily looking for to inspire you and have fun with.

Download it!
  • Christopher James Austin

    INSTANTLY fell in love with the CS-30L kit and has sparked inspiration. Great share!

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