Nois3 – Twisted Vocals & Drums

Glitchy, trappy sounds abound in this pack of free wav samples filled with percussion and vox from Nois3…Twisted Vocals & Drums is a new free wav samples sound pack from Nois3 that  is designed to give you the vox stabs and sounds that you may well be hankering for given the trend of ‘now’ sounds. 

Admittedly there’s a lot of very similar sounding stuff in the pack, especially when it comes to drums and percussion, but even so the sounds are very good. Perhaps the best thing, though, is that the included loops act as a sort of inspiration gestation device. A lot of loops are provided in various states of undress, and some of them will doubtless set off a fire that’ll give you an idea – whether rhythmical or melodic – to help you create something from scratch.

The real power of Twisted Vocals & Drums is in its ability to give you a nice idea then the raw sounds to make it happen – not bad for a free download, so go to Nois3 to download it now!

  • Richard Matheson

    When I download that, my AVAST anti-virus continually pops up warnings about various bad URLs and malware on sites that I don’t see open anywhere in my browser. When the download finishes, it says there was an error and the file is then corrupt and cannot be opened. Any idea?

    • Chris

      Sorry Richard, no idea. The website doesn’t give us any problems and the download is currently hosted by and is as clear as we can say without personally endorsing its validity. That said, we *don’t* endorse the download (or any download that’s not from us directly, for that matter) in any way, so if your spider senses are tingling it’s up to you to stay away – and if you have any evidence that there’s something dodgy going on please let us know…

  • Tim Court

    really nice set of sounds, i feel my creative juices flowing already, incidentally I had no trouble with the download and my avg has no issues with it. yet another fantastic rescource, cheers chris!

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