Ongelegen – Binaural Water

Don’t just get into the sound. Get INTO the sound… or something!

It’s about that time again – a brand new free wav samples pack. This one’s pretty interesting; Ongelgen’s Binaural series comprises of otherwise innocuous sounds recorded binaurally, which helps to make them unnervingly immersive. This edition is the sound of water splashing, pouring, bubbling and generally getting to know itself better, perfect to layer into your music.

Binaural Water – Free WAV Samples

Download it in 24/96 quality from Ongelgen!

Binaural recording is simply the act of using two microphones to record a sound. Set up in a certain way and often using one of those creepy foam heads as a dummy, the two recordings serve to act as surrogate human ears and, when using headphones, fool our silly brains into creating an entire imaginary 3D space. When you’ve downloaded the Water WAV samples, take a listen to this barbershop video in headphones:

Pretty amazing right?!

Binaural audio is also used in therapy music. Our brains are found to emit waves in different frequencies from different areas as different emotive or alertness states are activated (that’s about as sciencey as I can get on that one I’m afraid), and some people are of the opinion that having those frequencies ‘beamed in’ to your head, via tones with slightly different frequencies – the difference between them a specifically targeted frequency) going into each ear. Does it work? Maybe… perhaps a future feature will give our definitive opinion on the matter!

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