Apogee ONE

NAMM’s happening, and we’re picking our favourite five announcements…

What: 24/96 sound with excellent DA/AD converters, built in mic, two inputs, two outputs, and direct connection to iOS devices
When: January 2013
Price: $349

The New Apogee One

ONE 3 quarters perspective 4001 Apogee One

We reviewed the Apogee One a couple of years ago, and I loved it. My only real qualm was the way the single input limited its appeal, but other than that I was blown away by the quality of the tiny box. The new Apogee One now features two inputs, although bizarrely only supports XLR mic and 1/4” or XLR mic and built in mic… it remains to be seen whether Apogee will release a breakout with a stereo input cable (or indeed whether cable adapters will facilitate a matched signal for stereo), but the big thing for One – and indeed Duet and Quartet – is the direct digital connection to iOS. This essentially means that a bit of sticky tape, a One (plus a couple of AA batteries), and any supported iPhone or iPod will make an amazing solid state field recorder, and that alone is extremely interesting.

Other niggles with One, the scratch prone case and sample rate, have been looked at: die cast aluminium with rubber base and full 24/96 operation is now in effect. Unfortunately all this comes at a $100 premium over the original one, with a $349 price tag for this new beauty. Now that One is sleeker than before, works with iOS, and gives sample rate snobs nothing to moan about, is it going to capture your imagination (and your hard earned)?

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