Bitwig Studio Teases a Little More…

Ableton’s announcement of Live 9 got everyone’s attention, but don’t forget about Bitwig Studio…

We’re still very excited about Bitwig Studio here at OD; that doesn’t mean we’re not excited about Ableton Live 9 too, but the two pieces of software are headed in slightly different directions – even if ‘slightly’ does seem to be the operative word right now. In this new video from the guys at Bitwig we’re treated to a look at how crash protection works in Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Studio is designed, from the ground up, to be rock solid stable. That’s very likely why the release is still an unspecified time in the distance; until the software is as crash proof as Bitwig can possibly make it, we won’t get a chance to try. One of those crash prevention measures is to run absolutely everything in its own little bubble to stop a rogue plugin from interfering from anything else.

In the video you’ll see just how seamless this is. When a plugin crashes, playback doesn’t even stop. A simple press of a relaunch button and things are exactly as they were before the crash, thanks to a clever approach to automation. All of a plugin’s automate-able (new words ahoy) parameters are recorded into the DAW as soon as it’s loaded, which allows total recall before there’s anything that can go wrong. If there’s one thing that really ‘grinds my gears’ with a plugin crash it’s it crashing before I’ve saved the project and thus losing recall of any parameter changes – different DAWs have different levels of success when it comes to recall, but it looks like Bitwig Studio will rule the roost.

Anyway enough from us – take a look at the video and if you’ve any particularly excited musings let us know below!


  • VHS

    In an ideal world Ableton and Bitwig would just combine the best of their efforts (again) into a single DAW. It’s almost as if one has all of the features that the other would heavily benefit from.

    That said, while I’m really keeping an eye on Bitwig Studio and eager to see it come into fruition I still don’t plan on abandoning Live anytime soon. However, like an overly ethusiastic kid, I’m not really pitting them against each other like many others though. Instead, I’ve somehow rested easy on the idea that one day I may be able to use these two side by side, or even ReWire Bitwig Studio into Ableton Live or the inverse. We’ll see. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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