Focusrite Forte Announced

A brand new super-premium portable audio interface – the Focusrite Forte. Has your fancy been tickled?

Focusrite are well known for their killer quality preamps and general top notch audio, but like so many companies that spill into the ‘pro-sumer’ or home studio market a lot of their cache comes from their big scale, pro studio gear. The Focusrite Forte looks like it has some of Focusrite’s best ever engineering crammed into its diminutive size whilst priced within the range of mere mortals.

Focusrite Forte

Focusrite Forte

Here goes:

  • Price: £400
  • Available: October 2012
  • 24/192 operation
  • Inputs: 2x 1/4″ TRS and 2x XLR via breakout cable (maximum two simultaneous)
  • Outputs: 1/4″ TRS and separate headphone, 
  • Phantom powered inputs as used in Rednet devices with +75dB gain
  • OLED screen with levels display

The price is obviously at the top end of the market for portable interfaces, so it’s no surprise to see premium components in the Focusrite Forte. The same mic preamps and conversion technology as in Focusrite’s flagship Rednet systems, a huge amount of mic gain, and a classy looking aluminium casing housing an OLED screen… Where else have we seen an OLED screen on a 2/4 interface lately..?! The Apogee Duet 2 is the immediate head on collision here, but let’s not forget that Focusrite gear works on Windows as well, so any Windows users who have looked on jealously at Mac friends with Apogee gear now have a very similar product, both in looks and quality (perhaps, anyway, we haven’t tested it yet so we’re not vouching for it – it could be better, could be worse, but the existing calibre of both companies is not to be sniffed at!) to take a look at.

For now you can give the video a swizz and take a look at the product page on the Focusrite site:


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  • Matt Gnarly

    That screen looks pretty rad, but overall it looks a bit too much like the Apogee Duet (which I already have and love) to consider buying.

  • Robert Halvarsson

    I hope the drivers will match Roland + RME. If they can do that they have a winner.

  • pistoff

    no adat/spdif TOTALLY LAME..
    and no 4 output directly on little box with same signal path or bypassable headphone amp for djing with djmixer.. SUCK LIKE HELL

    I would have bought that card but now, this make me mad.. I can’t believe it… WHEN WILL THEY TRY TO LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMERS NEED?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHO CARES ABOUT OLED.. meters for the djing on the 2 stereo output this is nice.. BUT OLED… wtf… put everything on the useful functionalities and on the SQ DAMMIT…

    • Chris

      This isn’t that kind of site. Please wind your neck in a little bit. We love having people around, but there are better ways to express yourself.

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