Focusrite iTrack Solo Announced

Another day, another iPad device… the Focusrite iTrack Solo could be a biggie.

There seems to be a mad rush to make announcements not just ahead of NAMM but ahead of BPM this year, and Focusrite are in on the party with two new products: this – the Focusrite iTrack Solo – and the Focusrite Forte.

Focusrite iTrack Solo

As usual let’s cut through the guff for the key points:

  • Price: £130
  • Available: October 2012
  • Input: XLR with phantom power, 1/4″ instrument input
  • Output: Phono and 1/4″ headphone (shared)
  • Direct monitoring
  • Connects to iPad, operates at 24/96 on Mac and PC
  • USB Powered

There are definite similarities between the Focusrite iTrack Solo and the Scarlett 2i2 from a visual perspective, including the ‘halo’ rings around the knobs that help to signify levels on such a compact interface. Focusrite’s calibre in audio interfaces means that it’s a pretty safe bet this will sound pretty damned good, and indeed Focusrite say the innards are based on technology from their existing portfolio so we’re not getting Focusrite in name only here.

Could this be a perfect interface for users that record at a home PC/Mac studio, but like to do things on the go with their iPad? The market’s certainly pretty open for devices right now, and interestingly enough the main competition for a high quality portable interface at the moment is probably the very same company that one can’t help but think of when looking at Focusrite’s other new baby, the Forte

To tide you over here’s a video of the Focusrite iTrack Solo (which, considering it has two inputs, seems like a dodgier name every time I write it)  in action, and you can get to the product page at Focusrite too!

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