iPad Goodness – Griffin Studio Connect Review Pending

Tablet based production edges slowly closer to mainstream potential…

Recently added to the list of hardware and software reviews that we expect to be on top of by the end of the week is the Griffin Studio Connect iPad connectivity device. It’s a nifty looking little thing with 5 pin MIDI I/O, RCA  and 3.5mm headphone output, and both 3.5mm stereo and 1/4″ mono input (not simultaneously, though, it’s still working within the bounds of the iPad’s capabilities). Judgement will be saved for the review, but the marketing shots are pretty handsome… not that marketing shots often come out portraying the product in a bad light, of course;.

Tablets in General – Your Thoughts?

Tablet based music production hasn’t really caught my attention in any meaningful way yet, but maybe it’s because I haven’t let it. I still remember sitting down waiting in front of a sub 200MHz PC – back when RAM was measured in MB – for it to eventually boot up and let me get my music production fix, and I know that for many starting out now the iPad and its ilk are better equipped, simpler to use, and thus have huge potential.

By all accounts the Google/Asus Nexus 7 and Android Jellybean OS is going to usher in the first wave of usable music production software in those less waded non-Apple waters. Time will tell, or maybe you will…

Let us know below: do you have faith in tablet music production? Any nightmares? Have you dived in yet and found any software that you can’t live without?

  • Project Tempo

    I’ve had a go with various app’s and while they have been fun to start with if i’m honest moving from something like Reaper or Ableton to a pad based DAW really feels like a backwards step and in the end it all becomes a bit dissapointing – editing audio etc… just isn’t as easy.

    however something like the griffin could really open up the use of some of the IOS based synths – using them as external synths with midi synch etc… and that i really like.

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      I definitely see what you’re saying Project Tempo. I think to be *truly* useful, there has to be a new paradigm. I also think that companion controllers have to play a big part in the future of tablet music. Hm, an article may be brewing ;)

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