Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar Panorama P1 Released

Timed just about perfectly to coincide with the release of Propellerhead’s Reason 7, Nektar’s Panorama P1 is a little less black and white, but the gear lust factor may be clearer than ever…

Yep – I’m back on the pun wagon. The Nektar Panorama P1 is a keyboard-less version of the Panorama Reason/Cubase/Nuendo control surface that’s so far spawned the 49 key P4 and 61 key P6 that we first saw at NAMM, and it looks splendid. Aside from the omission of keyboard, pads, and motorised fader, the Nektar Panorama P1 is just as capable of controlling Reason, Cubase, or Nuendo, and I know this makes it the piece of kit that many of you that already have a keyboard/pad controller of choice have been waiting for.

Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar Panorama P1

Some quick specs:

  • 16 encoders
  • 9 45mm faders
  • 10 assignable LED buttons
  • 11 dedicated transport buttons
  • 20 preset locations store all settings
  • Foot switch (sustain) 1/4″ jack input (pedal not included)
  • USB port for communication with computer
  • 6 dedicated assignable navigation buttons
  • ASCII/QWERTY macros assignable to buttons and pads
  • 3.5” high-resolution TFT display
  • 4 modes when used with Cubase, Nuendo or Reason switch between Mixer, Instrument, Transport and Internal
  • Presets and setup files for major DAW’s and VIs

RRP: $349.99/Euro 289.99/GBP 244.99

Available imminently, the price is already advertised as a little lower than above on some retailers’ sites, and the £220ish that seems to be the price you’ll be able to take one home for should mean there’s space for it in front of many users’ laptops – leaving you to choose a keyboard/pad controller based on core functionality rather than how many functions it can cram into the box.

I’m a big fan of the heads down workflow (for all the amazing features, bells, and whistles of computer based music production, every now and then I still consider paring everything back and using only an MPC 2500 during the creative process) and thus we’ve always been interested in the Nektar Panorama P1 at OD. Hopefully one will find its way into the studio for some testing soon – until then, let us know what you think below and check out the Nektar product page here!



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