Women in Electronic Music: Some Numbers

Happy International Women’s Day all! To mark the occasion, female:pressure did some number crunching. It’s a sorry state of affairs…

The lead image (adapted ever so slightly in size and colour from Lini La Lusche of electrobox.com‘s original so we could use it as such), shows the disheartening statistics gleaned from female:pressure’s latest report. Of the 21 labels and 43 festivals surveyed, female representation was just 5% and 8.4% respectively, with 8% and 7.7% further groups with at least one female member. From female:pressure’s literature:

We have looked into statistics regarding festival line-ups, record label releases and the appearance of women in several top 100 lists. A 10% proportion of female artists can be considered above average [representation].

(In addition to the context block inserted into the above quote it’s worth pointing out, as I’ve seen this misconstrued elsewhere, that this quote refers to representation, not a value judgement on women who are ‘above average’.)

Women in Electronic Music

This isn’t a scientific report, as female:pressure readily points out – the sampling method appears to be a small opportunity based sample – but it does highlight what is at least anecdotally clear: women are under-represented in electronic music. It’s worth a read for interesting stats such as this: only 5% of the Bleep top 100 tracks of 2012 were by women.

Women in Electronic Music


This image, which shows international label representation and part of an info-graphic series of the results of the report by Mixher of mixher.free.fr, makes things abundantly clear for the more visual learners amongst you: check out the whole series for more.

Women in OD?

Our own readership stats are fairly consistent with the ones generated by female:pressure, which adds another layer to the issue: is there something specific that we’re doing that attracts a male dominant crowd, or is our experience with the numbers a fair representation of the ratio of men to women that peruse the internet for music production related content? I think we’re a pretty sexless bunch… Are we? Could we be doing anything different?

Let us know below if anything springs to mind…

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