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Interview: Miss Baby Sol

Miss Baby Sol is a well known character in London music circles, having written with, collaborated with, been in the choirs or backing section for a host of artists including J’nay, Paloma Faith, Amy Winehouse and more. Her EP Before I Begin (The Journey) was released this month, and I gave it a great review here. After enjoying the jazz, soul, and reggae tinged CD it was a treat to have a chat with Baby Sol on her writing process, emotional release, and a special man in her life named Winston…

OD: So, how’re things? How’s the post-release buzz?!

BS: Oh I’m really pleased, this whole thing has been a sort of ‘put to bed’ project for me; a lot of the songs on the EP are songs that have existed for a long time now and I’ve sort of moved on emotionally -and physically. It’s sort of a different life and I wanted to get rid of it – not in a bad way, but sort of like… purge it from myself, it was a form of therapy. And share it, too, sort of… group therapy. And now people are telling me it’s really good I’m just like “…really? Thanks!”

I guess I can call them my fanbase, which is weird, because I never really thought of myself as having ‘fans’! Basically I just thought it was a bunch of people who liked what I did… I’d call them my friends, really – I’d know them all by name, we’d have conversations over the internet… I still do that now but it’s getting harder as there are more people getting interested in what I’m doing. …sorry, I rambled there! I do that.

“we live life through time, we learn through time; if you put material together through that way of thinking then it does take time”

OD: Ha! No, not at all – it does bring me to my next point, which is that you’ve a huge list of credits as a backing singer or a guest or a supporting artist, a lot of well known names and a lot of time spent… so how does it feel to really well and truly step into the limelight with your own EP?

BS: I feel… accomplished. I know it’s just a small EP with 500 limited copies and not some massive campaign for the masses, but I really do because the people that have stuck around and actually followed what I’ve been doing wanted to hear what I’ve got to say, and I’m just so pleased that I’ve been able to give back to them as well. As much as the EP was for me and my mum, it was for them as well as a thank you for hanging in for so long. So it just feels like I’ve done it now, I’ve finally done something with my life!

OD: You’re not retiring already are you?!

BS: No! I’m not going to retire! Music is part of my life, part of me, so I keep creating, keep writing. The songs that I write are just expressions of my emotions, they just come out – and I love that, because that means they’re real. But it also means they take time, because we live life through time, we learn through time; if you put material together through that way of thinking then it does take time. So on a personal level, I’ll never stop. On a professional level, I want to be a songwriter, I want to write for other people. I’ve always been a bit of an empath, I love to sit down with people and help them express what they’re feeling – I’m really looking forward to progressing with that. When it comes to performing, I don’t really mind what capacity it’s in – on the stage, in the choir… in the bathroom! (laughs) Basically, no, I’m not going to retire! That’s the actual answer to the actual question you asked! Okay, ask me more questions!

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