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Interview: Rewd Adams

Rewd Adams fired onto the UK hip hop scene in 2009 as Skandal with his Hunger Pains mixtape, which made huge waves in both underground and mainstream channels – even getting record of the week status from UK broadsheet The Independent, a rare accolade for a mixtape. 18 months and a name change down the line, I had a chat with Rewd about his new LP Rewd Awakening, his burgeoning production talents, the importance of progression, and more…

Oh Drat: So, what was the motivation for giving Rewd Awakening out for free?

Rewd Adams: Okay… I still need to establish a fanbase, you know? People may have heard my music and like what I do, but, you know… someone like Lowkey has a fanbase; him being a great artist and pushing a great message has really helped that. By getting my music out there for free I can expose my music to more people, which will hopefully build up a fanbase, and I get to build a mailing list off the back of a free download as well, so when it comes to me releasing a video on YouTube or putting something out on iTunes I can hit up those people on the mailing list… just keep building something.

OD: Gotcha. Do you see that as the way forward, as far as the music ‘business’, so to speak, is concerned – is it all built around that now?

RA: I’m not very good at knowing the ‘markets’ as far as what’s good for certain artists and so on, but I think to build a good career with some longevity you’ve gotta have a fanbase, haven’t you? Especially if you’re going to do it DIY.

“I write about the things I write about because it helps me rise above and get over things”

OD: Definitely. One of the themes I got from the content of the album is sort of a philosophical approach, rising above things seems to be a topic you come back to…

RA: I think that’s more me hoping and wishing I can rise above things, um, because I let things get to me – which is obviously why I write about the things I write about because it helps me rise above and get over things. I didn’t set out to do it like that, we had a load of tracks that I’ve done over the past year that we whittled down to something more cohesive, more concise, with similar themes, you know? So I think that’s why we’ve ended up coming out with that sound. I’m happy with it though, definitely.

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