Interview: Sleepover

Sleepover is a collaboration between the artists Charlie Astro and Miranda Rae, coming out of a small independent label called Circuitree Records. Their first EP The Sun was released at the end of last year and I was a fan as soon as I heard it. Harnessing the magic of conference calling I chatted transglobally to Astro, Miranda, and label boss and fellow musician Paul Gaeta, aka Panther God about perfect imperfections, transferring their record to the stage, their remix competition and a heap more…

Oh Drat: Hi everyone – so, who have we got and where?!

Charlie Astro: I’m Charlie Astro, I’m from Miami and I’m currently in London….

Miranda Rae: I’m Miranda Rae, I’m from Minnesota originally but right now I’m in Chicago…

Panther God: I’m Paul, I go by Panther God musically and I also run Circuitree Records out of Ashville North Carolina.

OD: How about you guys start off by telling me how you came to become Sleepover?

CA: Okay, well… I met Miranda a few years ago when she came on a road trip with some friends of mine from Chicago to Miami

MR: Yeah, Spring break!

CA: Yeah, and I dunno, we just met and were like ‘we should collaborate one day’ and I guess it never really happened, and then in 2010 I moved to Chigago in the Summer and went to one of her solo gigs there, and we just met up and said ‘hey let’s make music!’… the next day I went over with my recording equipment and we set up a little makeshift studio in her basement and got to it.

MR: Yeah, it all happened in the basement of this apartment in Chicago!

CA: The entire album was recorded in that basement…

OD: Ah, so did you do it all in one trip, or…

CA: No no no, it was made over the course of perhaps a month and a half, two months.

“we both have classical musical backgrounds actually, we were both trained”

OD: And is it your different tastes coming together that make Sleepover what it is, or is it your similarities that gel?

CA: Um, we’d say both, I mean we definitely come from different backgrounds, musically, and we both have different interpretations, but we also have a lot of similar interpretations and the beauty is how we can sync all that together into this beautiful mixture of sound, and… magic!

MR: Yeah, I think it was really strong in the fact that we both came from different backgrounds in terms of music tastes, I know over the summer Charlie was showing me a lot of artists that I’m now obsessed with, I never listened to anyone like Four Tet or Flying Lotus, until we went to a concert in the park last summer which was so cool.

CA: We both have classical musical backgrounds actually, we were both trained – I took piano lessons for years, I’m actually a composition student, I was studying composition at the New World School of the Arts Miami, and Miranda has her degree from Columbia College in Chicago in Musical Theatre, right?

MR: Yep, I just graduated there, so we both definitely have… serious training, I suppose if you wanna call it!

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  • Sansk

    Wow, great interview. These guys are so talented too.

  • http://giojeiogjdinbion Pete

    definately, the video is wicked

  • Paul

    thanks for the interview and posts Chris!!!

    • Chris

      You’re welcome Paul!

  • Wake

    Hell yes! Beautiful & Insightful!

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