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Interview: The Foreign Exchange

After meeting on the internet in 2002, Phonte and Nicolay have made waves with The Foreign Exchange, both as a hip hop and a soul group. The lead single from their last album Leave It All Behind was nominated for a Grammy, and they recently released their third album Authenticity to across the board praise (check my review here). I caught up with the guys to talk message boards, sampling, leaving a legacy and more…

Oh Drat: Hey, how are you doing?
Nicolay: Yo yo…
Phonte: What’s goin on?

OD: First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to me –
N: Not a problem!
P: I’m a big fan of the site man!

OD: Thank you! That means a lot to hear! So, with Authenticity having been out around six weeks now, reception’s been overwhelmingly positive – for me it was a highlight of the year – what’s been your favourite reaction so far?
P: I had one fan hit me up on Twitter, and he told me that the album was like The Empire Strikes Back, in the sense that of all our albums Authenticity is the darker one, and you know, of the Star Wars movies The Empire Strikes Back was where stuff started getting real. I thought that was a very flattering comparison.

“one fan hit me up on Twitter, and he told me that the album was like The Empire Strikes Back”

OD: Nice analogy! So with it being the third album now, the story of The Foreign Exchange and how you met is pretty well documented – but even all these years later it’s still a fairly unusual story. Do you think that now forums and message boards are less, or maybe even more, useful ways to link and collaborate with likeminded artists than when you met on OkayPlayer in 2002?
N: You know, I can only speak for myself but I do know that since then a lot of things have come around and taken their place. I mean this was really before any type of social networking – there wasn’t Twitter, Facebook, or anything like that – and definitely in my life, messageboards, and particularly OkayPlayer was where I spent a lot of my time. Not just talking about music but talking to people and with people, and I think that in a sense Facebook and Twitter have kind of stepped in and taken a lot of that with it.

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