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Interview: The Foreign Exchange

OD: Yeah, I really liked how it showed that other side to relationships. Okay, so looking at the show footage I saw Ableton Live, a couple of Motifs and of course the live instruments… does that translate to how you approach the creation of tracks in the studio? What kind of gear inspired you the most for the sound of the album?
N: Well, I mean especially for the Authenticity show in particular, we’ve only done one, I think we combine all of the different textures of our music – we play with a full band and so we have the dynamics of a full band but with the Authenticity show it was the first time that we’d done an acoustic encore. We did Laughing at Your Plans totally broken down, and it really worked, it really did what we wanted it to which was ultimately show that the strength of the songs was really what it was all about, and the right performance of the arrangement and background can really move people. It kinda showed us that, you know, our sound can go through the full dynamic of a live band and all the technology  to a vocal, acoustic guitar and piano and I think everything in between that we do on a night is just to give people a total experience of what we’re about.

“It kinda showed us that, you know, our sound can go through the full dynamic of a live band and all the technology  to a vocal, acoustic guitar and piano”

OD: I see – I noticed how the album has a very electronic sound, whereas the show was very live and immediate, and I thought that echoed well what you say about a good song standing up regardless of the backing. So finally I guess, what’s next for you guys?
P: Rest! (laughs) 2010 was just a really busy year for both of us and we’re just really exhausted you know, putting out our record, ZahZarah’s record, Zo!’s record, The workload for 2010 was pretty incredible. So you know, right now we’re just laying low, regrouping and recharging our batteries, getting ready for 2011 to hit the road with the album, go out and take it there.
N: Yeah as Phonte says we’ve had a really busy year so it’ll be nice to have a low key holiday and regain the energy to go at it hungrily next year – the first thing next year actually we’ll be coming to London, playing Cargo on January 6th, as well as shows in Amsterdam, Paris, and Cologne, so we’re excited.

OD: Well all the hard work you’ve put in this year, as tiring as it’s been has really paid off and been evident in the quality of the work that’s come out… anything you’d like to add as a final note?
P: Just thanks to Oh Drat and all our fans for the support, talking about our music, and recommending our music to their families and just spreading the word, you know what I’m sayin?

OD: Absolutely, well Phonte, Nic, thanks for talking with me, hopefully we’ll get another chance soon…
N: Absolutely, have a good one.
P: For sure, peace.

The Foreign Exchange are touring Authenticity in 2011 – make sure you keep an eye on tour dates on their site to find out when their nearest show to you is!

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