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The Questions: Miranda Rae

Miranda Rae is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and musician, whose haunting, soulful voice has been heard on an ever increasing pool of music. Initially forming Sleepover with Charlie Astro, Miranda has since taken on the Sleepover mantle for her own works. Seeming to work effortlessly across a variety of styles, we wanted to get her perspective on The Questions. Make sure to check out the original, stunning EP The Sun from Sleepover, and her collaboration with P3RIPH3RAL below…

Name: Miranda Rae

The name of the first song I was really proud of was called: “Upstairs” –first finished song ever. I wrote it about ghosts and zombies… acoustic guitar’n’violin style.

Most fun person I’ve ever worked with: Most fun? ah! well I really have had a great time working with producer Chresten Hyde during my last few days in Chicago where I used to live. We would get together and play around for hours, coming up with ideas and noodling melody lines. Recording with him was fun too. He is get a wide variety of vocal “takes” out of me– asking for different deliveries and motivations and such. It was very expressive and engaging.

Each [producer] gives me a different musical landscape to explore, and I get to color them in with lyrics and melody

But, every time I work with a producer it is always fun.. Each person gives me a different musical landscape to explore, and I get to color them in with lyrics and melody… And coloring has always been fun for me!

Best musical advice I’ve ever been given: Slow down!!! (I tend to rush everything with my hyped nature).

A piece of gear I couldn’t live without: My Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s so easy to plug in and instantly record ideas and fleeting melodies …

A piece of gear I wish I could live without: anything beyond a mic and computer…..

My studio environment in three words: Usually. My. Bedroom.

A song I wish I’d written: Such Great Heights.

If I could do it all again, I’d: I would have left Chicago earlier….. I had amazing training and experience there.. but it would have been great to receive education in a city where I wanted to live post-school…. On the flip side however, I would never have collaborated with some of my favorite projects. Every where you are there are good opportunities.

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White Noise w/ P3RIPH3RAL – DEMO by mirandarae

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