Bradley Dean – Flying Chandeliers and Dying Fears

A serendipitous new music find here, as Bradley Dean – Flying Chandeliers and Dying Fears ties in perfectly with our recent Assignment – Write a Song using just Piano.

Flying Chandeliers and Dying Fears is a collection of piano improvisations from UK based Bradley Dean. With tracks running between five and a half and eleven and a half minutes long, there’s plenty of space in each improvisation for Bradley to explore the themes he conjures up.

It’s interesting to hear each piece evolve from a simple idea into deviations and new ideas, swell into exciting new progressions and phrasing, and then hearing the way that this new path is reconciled with the original. It’s lovely to be able to focus on these progressions and follow the genesis of these ideas as they mature, and can sometimes be a surprise just how much focus you realise you’ve devoted to each improvisation as they end one by one without so much as a single ‘drop’.

Getting to the point where live playing skill facilitates improvisation to the level that Bradley displays on Flying Chandeliers is a huge benefit to compositional capability – at least, I assume so, because I’m still aspiring to this kind of proficiency myself (The frustration that comes with hearing a progression in my head that I get wrong so many times when playing it out that the wrong versions eventually bully my original idea into the ether is a surefire way to crush the mood). It’s well worth a listen, and as mentioned it ties in well with our recent Assignment.

Any other favourites in this vein? Let us know below!


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