Fah – Prefahzers

Sometimes it’s worth a reminder that electronic music isn’t all about how much you can do – and some good old hardware synth action is a good way to do it.

This week’s Music We Love is an EP from Fah, created using nothing but hardware synths and drum machines. Removing the distractions of software can have a really beneficial effect on your music, as Fah demonstrates over six focused, electro infused tracks.

Tempo varies from piece to piece, energetic opener Jor making way for the more pensive stylings of Edge of Orion and the roller coaster continuing as the EP moves forward. Acid squelchings emerge by the middle of the EP, and Skycozy creates an interesting juxtaposition as those 303 styled bleats break up the more space-funk kind of electro in a mid track interlude.

The hallmarks of music created using real life instruments are in full effect, from the occasional resonant squelch and overdriven synth part, and there’s just that almost indefinable beauty in the simplicity of hardware drum machine parts – nothing needlessly intricate, just a constant, comforting rhythm.

The EP draws to a close with the almost uncomfortable drones that make up the percussion-free Broken March, rounding off a diverse and enjoyable set list. And it’s pay what you like – a concept we love (and are interested in what you guys think to it for other digital downloads… you know we have some stuff in the pipeline!).

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