Grant – Grant

Right from the tough production spicing up some well known breaks on the opener, I was fully tuned into Grant’s self titled Grant LP.

Gritty and full sounding, there’s hints of sounds as diverse as Madlib, Portishead, and Shocklee on the LP. The beats are complemented by an excellent use of vocals, chopped and distorted and – the case of the Michael Suess featuring Nightmare and closing Wakka Flocka Flame remix – rapped, helping to in turns allay and accentuate the sinister vision that Grant’s gritty, rough bass synths and unnerving organ chords paint.

Kerosene is something of a curio amongst the rest of the suite, providing momentary tape hiss induced relaxation amongst the growls, and similarly Dream Sequence forks off in a slightly different direction to the majority of the LP; without variety, most albums get tiring no matter the style – so both tracks make a welcome addition to the ensemble.

All told, our album of the week. Let us know what you think!

  • andiskin


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