Homeboy Sandman – Not Really

Good production is all about creating the right mood and the right space – which is exactly what Jonwayne does on Homeboy Sandman’s latest…

When you’re working with another person, be it a singer, emcee, or instrumentalist, it’s really important to match your music to their style. Leave room to breathe. Sometimes, being the constant beneath their counterpoint is the best thing you can do – and that’s exactly what this sleepy loop from Jonwayne does on Homeboy Sandman‘s Not Really. What can seem monotonous as an instrumental can become reassuring underneath a vocal, and conversely constant flourishes that keep the listener’s interest in an instrumental piece can be distracting and inappropriate on a track like this.

There’s another thing I love about this track – specifically the video – and it’s the insight into how the video was made. The serendipity of the rain just makes things feel that little bit more real, and it’s often the little things that happen in the moment that make magic; trying to micromanage and control everything can make things sterile, so embrace the unknown!

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