JuSoul – Rock Bottom

We’ve had our eye on JuSoul for a while now, and his recent offerings have been quality through and through.

Rock Bottom is ostensibly a beat tape, but it feels more like an album – and a good one at that… which is perhaps why Rock Bottom has a name of its own rather than simply a number of the ‘JuStrumentals’ series JuSoul has put out in the past. The thing I like most about the ‘beats scene’ is that it’s so inspirational. Whether sketches or fully fleshed out tracks, a good beat tape album is capable of not only allowing you to appreciate it on its own merits but also endowing your grey matter with the irresistible urge to imagine your own re-versioning, embellishments, and offshoots.

JuSoul’s blend of dusty, chopped up samples and intelligent, mix-sitting synths and virtual instruments is a treat to listen to, and the subtle creativity involved in his use of effects requires a careful ear to even notice where the swells of delay and filtering begin and end. It’s easy to make something sound difficult, difficult to make it sound easy. We salute you JuSoul, this is a great piece of work. 

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