Picnicwomen – Stylus EP

I’ve seen this coming for a while: The world is now ready for saccharin DX7 styled piano 80s R&B flips. Finally.

I’ve been reliably informed that trap music is a rapidly expanding term that now more or less encompasses anything with 808s and snare rolls, so I guess Picnicwomens’ Stylus EP qualifies as trap now. There’s also strong elements of juke/footwork, with the uptempo drum patterns, and in general the EP is what I would perhaps more generically throw under the ‘beats’ umbrella if pushed.

Stylus EP is just so wonderfully disjointed that I had to show you guys; there’s a real feeling of slapdash experimenting and daring on this two piece that feels like Picnicwomen have thrown their influences into a blender, hit the go button and recorded what came out.

Something that I’ve spoken about in the past is worrying less about maximum fidelity and focusing more on making things sound coherent in their own context, and that’s exactly what the Stylus EP does. It’s bassy, noisy, and perhaps a little mid heavy, but if anything it adds to the jumble sale aesthetic of the EP and makes things feel all the more intimate.

Give it a listen, and make sure to let us know what you think!

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