Marlow – This Is It

Mid tempo electronic music is getting ever more popular, and Marlow’s latest EP is a great example…

Marlow obviously understands the importance of smart use of delay and reverb, picking his wet and dry sounds very carefully. Need U is a prime example of crisp, forward bass and drums leaving space for the melodies and vocals to play, whilst by contrast Outro’s wet drums create a warm, saturated soundbed.

There’s a lovely freshness to the EP, with each sound easily discernible in its own space yet still plenty deep enough to fill out the entire soundscape. The overall effect is boogie meets soulful house, with a little of that flourishing beats scene influenced new deep house mixed in for good measure… I’m never great at comparisons, but perhaps Opolopo meets Mosca.

It’s also great to see a short EP that has a common thread without any superfluous fluff – give it a try!

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