Kwesachu Volume 2

Back in 2009, two relative unknowns made a mixtape that quietly cemented their statuses as Very Important People in music. Three years later, with numerous releases and accolades under their belt, Kwes and Micachu present Kwesachu Volume 2, the followup.

The Kwesachu sound combines rough and ready with a rare tenderness, and the mixing in the mixtape follows suit with brash, conspicuous cuts giving way to subliminally soft transitions. Featuring a mixture of productions, influences, and a staggeringly talented cast – some of which the two have been working with for years, some more recent – Kwesachu Vol 2 is as varied as a mixtape can be without becoming disparate.

Picking a favourite from the offering is tough, with so many moods conjured, so much said; Speech Debelle’s visceral Visual Mind Control at one end of the scale, the gentle power of the alt version of Elan Tamara starring LGOYH at the other.

Kwes’s latest EP, available on Warp, and Micachu’s work with her band Micachu and the Shapes – a new LP forthcoming on Rough Trade – give an idea of the two artists’ sounds in isolation. There’s a lesson in how to collaborate in the melding of Kwes and Micachu’s style; find someone you can bounce off, not clash heads with (take it from me and my gazillion failed collaboration projects: if you’re each trying to diplomatically change the track into your own with every addition or removal, it’s never going to work). And surround yourself with as many talented people as you can.

Listen here, visit here to get the link for a free download. Let us know what you think!

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