Sebb Aston – Dirty Chillout Loops from the Crates

Grit, vinyl crackles, and bit crushed sounds. It’s vintage OD Music We Love this week…

I go on long, sometimes tiresome hunts to find new music every week; sometimes I look at our recent output and decide to broaden my horizons go looking for something the likes of which we haven’t featured much for a while. This week I’ve been hunting for some honest to goodness, French styled disco house after becoming mildly obsessed with an old 12″ copy of Cassius’ Feeling For You from my record collection.

It looks like sometimes you don’t go looking for music, music comes looking for you. I stumbled upon Sebb Aston’s Dirty Chillout Loops from the Crates on my trawl, and low and behold, it’s crusty, crackly, instrumental hip hop loops. For the most part, at least; Uneasy Listening maintains that low hip hop tempo, but uses a four on the four kick pattern that signals that the music gods were at least making some concession to my original quest.

There’s a nice balance between those dusty loops and some crisp, deep synth programming; Looking For Sunshine really encapsulates that LA beats scene sound that began emerging in force in the mid 2000s, and High School Hip Hop is just chopped up summer time soul.

Dirty Chillout Loops isn’t the most original work we’ve ever featured on OD, but it’s good music and that’s what we’re committed to finding for you. Let us know what you think!

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