Skywlkr – Impressions

This pretty much fearless LP from Skywlkr got me genuinely excited…

When trawling the internet for something I can really latch onto, admittedly I hesitate before clicking through on artists whose moniker is devoid of vowels (I don’t mean Welsh people, of course). If I may, pulling vowels out of your name is kind of… played out. Often it’s an aesthetic echoed in the music. Not in this case.

Skywlker’s 19 track LP reeled me in with the words beat, tape, and Detroit – regular readers will know I’m kind of a sucker for that sound – but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound on offer; in parts dark and ominous, breezy, and just downright squelchy, there’s more than a hint of the sounds that were coming out of the transitional scene between the evolving soundscape of grime and its instrumental evolution into dubstep but there’s much more besides.

Whether it’s the bold sounds of 30, sudden silences of Ilyas, summer’s day aesthetic of Impressions, classic dubstep sound of Lie4, gutter drums and chops of Outerspace… I love it when I can find a Music We Love that I can recommend listeners really listen to not just for the quality of the music, but also for the inspiration to seek your own sound.

  • Paulski1983

    As they say on Jazz Club: “very good”

    • Chris

      Nice ;)

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