Snakehips – Minnow Johnson EP

Are our tastes formed by what we get used to, or do we, individually, have some kind of predisposition to a certain ‘essence’ in the first place?

I sometimes wonder whether my predisposition to dusty, noisy, chopped up soundscapes and ‘suck and blow’ compression is down to the fact that old soul records are the first real love of my life, or whether it goes deeper than that and there’s something in the chemistry of the sounds that make up that old soul that’s lodged deeply somewhere in my makeup.

The above mini waffle is something of an apology for the tendency I have to gravitate towards and post albums and EPs like the one we have here today, because Snakehips – Minnow Johnson EP has a solid foundation in that crate digging aesthetic. There are hundreds of records like this a month, of course, so what draws me to a release is usually either a rare mastery of the artform or its ability to do more than just the basics.

The Minnow Johnson EP builds on its base of chopped up soul loops and vocals with spacey funk synths, gut wrenching bass, video game-esque synth arpeggiation, and glitchy flourishes. There’s hints of some of that aforementioned mastery being around the corner for Snakehips at points, as the most wonderful sonic material is sourced, perfect chords are arranged, and soulful vocals whose words don’t mean as much as their delivery are peppered into the mix – see The Years for evidence. Days With U’s R&B accapella elevates the EP above simple ‘beat tape’ territory from the get go, and the contrast between tracks like the synth led Days With U (Reprise) and the straight up, early Black Milk styled Easyyy shows Snakehips’s diversity.

All in all, excellent. To me, at least. Let us know below if you think anythings lacking from our Music We Love section!

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