Soccer 96 – Soccer 96

Ah, the self titled LP. Check out this installment of Music We Love for our favourite debut of the week!

Comprising of two guys with some of the most ‘so bad they’re good’ names I’ve ever heard – Danalogue and Beatamax – Soccer96 are ostensibly an electronic act, but Beatamax is a ‘real’ drummer, which lends the self titled album more of an organic feel. It might not just be that; rather than sequencing and looping with MIDI and tweaking in a DAW until everything is just so, the guys prefer to play everything live, recording each track straight to tape.

This does give the LP a somewhat rough and ready sound, with levels bouncing around a little over its runtime, but it often serves to add to the energy and give the feeling leaning more toward live performance than sterile studio session.

Instrumentally the LP is bright and brash, with occasional soft underpinnings and hints at a little darkness lurking. Most tracks manage to combine all three of these aesthetics, not least Call to Arms, whose frenetic drum fills and bright polysynth chords are accompanied by an overdriven vocal and punctuated a deep, ripping bassline.

There are some interesting points sound design wise too – on EarthAttack it sounds like drums are going through a vocoder, and some serious gating and compression throughout helps the drums to feel right at home with the synthesiser dominated LP.

Check the video, check the album, give us your thoughts!

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