Suttikeeree & AE – Monolith

Wanted: A pay what you like track and brief masterclass in drum programming in 6 minutes or less. Wait, found it.

Here’s an interesting two piece single from Suttikeeree & AE; Monolith is an evolving, intricately created track that leans heavily on chipmunk voiced vocal chops, big synth chords, and undulating arpeggios to create a futuristic sound that’s perhaps not so futuristic sounding lately but certainly doesn’t grate on the ears like the more aggressive 2-step derivative that’s now fully claimed the moniker of ‘dubstep’.

Monolith wouldn’t be nearly as interesting were it not for the b-side though: Monolith Drums. Strip away the melodic elements of Monolith and you’re left with a bed of extremely impressive drum programming, in and of itself an accomplished piece of electro. This opens up an entire train of thought when it comes to your own music; exactly how much of your track gives the finished piece its DNA, and how much is simply accessorising?

Perhaps focusing on a single element in a track you’re working on and asking yourself whether or not it’s as good as your vision for the final cut deserves is a worthwhile exercise this week…

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