Yung Miss – The J. Dilla Project

I know that Dilla tribute projects are ten a penny… perhaps more. It’s always easy to listen to some Dilla beats, but all too often the artists who jump on the tracks just aren’t up to scratch – and even when they are, the aforementioned glut of projects means that there tends to be a definitive version by that one emcee.

Yung Miss’s approach is different, and that’s why we’re featuring her in this week’s Music We Love. With so much soul in Dilla’s beats, it surprises me there aren’t more soul artists re-versioning the tracks; the welcome insurgence of independent neo-soul artists making their way from bedrooms to systems makes this especially puzzling. It makes Yung Miss’s (free) offering all the more refreshing, and the combination of her range with her ability to switch her intonation between a relaxed, ‘tuned speech’ style and beautiful melody at will helps her song writing – helped in no small part by infectious hooks – to find its way into your memory in double time. Just check out Leave the Lights On for proof.

The bounce to Miss’s rap flow is the perfect companion to her voice, exemplified on tracks like Miss Celle and From the Mind of Danielle Phoenix, and the overall effect is perhaps a crisper, smoother Estelle. We can’t get enough of this LP in the studio at the moment, and whilst there’s no pressing need for another Dilla collection, at least this one does it justice.

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