Native Instruments Summer of Sound Sale

Owners of NI gear can get their hands on some big Native Instruments discounts this summer – 50% off big!

NI are feeling generous again, and upgrades to the latest versions of Komplete, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Reaktor, Absynth, Session Strings, and FM7 can be had at 50% off for any existing user in the Native Instruments Summer of Sound. What’s more, users of Maschine and Guitar Rig Kontrol can jump on board for 50% off the crossgrade price too – to give you an example, that’s just $199.50/€184.50 for the full Komplete 8 package for anyone who owns Maschine already… only a little more than what NI have just slashed off the price of Maschine!

Native Instruments Summer of Sound

This kind of deal usually comes when something new’s not too far around the corner, but it beats us what it could be – I’d wager that the Maschine reduction is with a watchful eye over the impending Akai MPC relaunch, and this series of reductions could just be a way to get more people on the NI train’s fresher seats… let us know in the comments whether you get enticed by the allure of new sounds, or whether you stick with what works for you.

Take a look!
  • Kilian Kerner

    Hey guys,

    In the last days I have been calculating with the special offers NI published.

    So let’s say I get a used Maschine on Ebay for like 270€, because it’s only 400 new now, and people won’t be willing to pay more.

    Then I would like to crossgrade on Komplete 8, which is now only 184 €.

    So in the end I just would’ve paid 454 for two products which normally cost 1100 together.

    Did I miss anything, why this would not work? Please tell me your thoughts about this plan, is it worth it?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Chris

      If you are the licenced owner of Maschine then you will qualify for a crossgrade but you must be ABSOLUTELY sure that when you buy Maschine that all ownership is transferred to you. If not, you won’t even be able to authorise the software, never mind crossgrade!

      • Kilian Kerner

        Thanks for the answer, Chris!

        I ordered a new Maschine today, so there won’t be any problems.

        You’re website is great by the way, keep it up!

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