Get Your Requests In For New Tutorials!

In as much as a small residential studio can, the OD studio looks a bit like a building site. What do you think we should build?!

The best laid plans, and all that – it’s taken a couple of weeks longer than I thought it would to push on with the next step of the OD ladder, and I think realistically it might take a few more. The OD video tutorials are still on hold officially (a nice shiny ‘series 2′ will be in order I think), although it’s been too long since we did a proper one for you guys so I’ve been thinking it’s about time to record some slightly more messy ones in the meantime – it’s all about the content, right?

When we get the studio all fixed up, it’s going to be tonnes easier to get content out to you but it suddenly occurred to me that this is the perfect time to ask if there’s anything you think we need to do for the new studio! Whether it’s decor, video style, new types of videos, equipment… anything you can think of really, let me know. As mentioned recently, the sooner we pull all the multiple facets of OD together into one super amazing website the better too so I’ll echo what I’ve already said and call out for web developers, video editors, and, well, anyone else who wants to get involved! Comments, email – up to you.

We’ve not been slouching content wise with the OD Sketchbooks though, you can listen to an example of volume 2 and watch some practice patterns for volume 1 now (and download them free of course!)

Download OD Sketchbook Volume 2 in WAV, Ableton, Reason, or Maschine format!

Download OD Sketchbook Volume 1 in WAV, Ableton, Reason, or Maschine format!

Enjoy the OD Sketchbooks and look out for some punk tutorial videos shortly! 

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    I only wish that Oh Drat had a forum since most of the ones I’ve come across seem daft and situated for gear fetishists or adolescent posturing. Unfortunately but understandably so, that boat has sailed and I missed it. In the meantime, things like Facebook don’t seem like good conduits to have conversations of any real depth, though useful in their own right.

    It’s all for the sake of improvement and focusing energies toward the things that enrich the site though. So, on a more positive note, Oh Drat is indeed counted amongst my list of great sites and blogs. With that said, keep up the great work! I would say you’re onto something with the videos you’ve been doing, the reviews and the Sketchbooks series for sure. Maybe introduce a bit more sound design —synth patch design, sample editing, layering, et cetera— if anything and keep going full force.

    You said you all had some great ideas forthcoming a month or so ago and I think once that all comes into fruition we will see even more interesting developments from Oh Drat. There’s something good going here and it just hasn’t gotten the full exposure that it deserves yet. I think it’s more that than needing to add anything new. Either way, I’m not sure what I could do to help but if you can think of anything, let me know.

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    Tutorials to cover synthesis in deep!

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