Last Call for BPM 2012!

It’s not too late to get tickets to BPM 2012 – new gear, education, free stuff and a generally great time!

Birmingham, the UK’s second city. I think, anyway – don’t use me as a source for any essays. Once a year it’s host to one of the biggest DJ conventions, and whilst last year saw a sneaking in of some production gear, this year there’s even more emphasis on music production, whether it’s studio or live. It makes sense, really, as here and other places I’ve been given a soapbox I’ve been bleating on about the hybridisation of DJing and music production for years. If nothing else, and you still see a very distinct line between DJing and music production, live performance of electronic music is now more accessible than ever.

Anyway, where was I? OD will be at BPM on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and I’ll be running about seeing people, getting the latest in the DJ world for our good friends at DJWorx, and presenting two seminars on music production topics a day along with Novation! If you missed the last time we talked about it, go over to our post here for details on the seminars and how to sign up, but be quick!

See you there guys – don’t be afraid to stop me and say hello!

  • diDprojects

    Really good to see you at the show Chris – keep the excellent work coming and the YouTube vids. Enjoyed the Remix session on Monday – think I might try to re-invent a couple of my own tracks using the techniques you demonstrated. Cheers. Aka diDprojects (t shirt man)

    • Chris

      Great to meet you diD, and thanks for coming – we’re working on those t-shirts!

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