Nearly There – New Stuff Soon!

Sorry about the quiet week ladies and gentlemen – now that the paint’s on the walls and we’ve been getting up to some serious testing with the review gear that’s been in the studio lately we’ve fun coming up!

OD grows every day – moderately. I like to think of us as the proverbial tortoise, and the reason we’re not rushing is because solid foundations are, from (bitter) experience, key to any long term endeavour. For us to be able to give you guys better and better content, occasionally it’s necessary to take a step back from normal operations for a few days to spend some time carving a new section of bedrock to pitch up on.

That’s precisely what I’ve been doing this week, and as I write with paint on my hands and the vacant, teary eyed expression of a man who hasn’t eaten or slept in 20 hours it brings me great pleasure to tell you that I’ve finally been able to set up a few new things that will improve the quality of OD photography and videography by a giant leap (images in this post are not representative!), and that means more of both. 

The first set of gear to work through with the new treatment will be the following: 

And we’ll have some brand new video tutorials with better quality than ever (have a look at our transient shaping video at our swanky new drawing technique!) along with all the other stuff that should have been done a while ago. Gradually, we’re getting bigger and stronger and it’s just as much down to you all for sticking with us as it is our ability to bring you cool content.

See you next week – here’s a track I’ve been particularly impressed with this week from Bear//Face…

  • VHS

    What a “pigsty”! Just joking, Chris. It’s good to see progress. Out of curiosity, what kind of deck (turntable) is that? I can’t make it out from here.

    • Chris

      It’s being cleaned up now, promise! The MPC was placed there in the short term, but it’s definitely the centre of attention right now :)

  • WeirdoMC

    Just discovered this great website yesterday ! I like the idea of sketches during the tutorial. It had realism to explanations and make it more comprehensive.

    I’m a bedroom producer since nearly 3 years and I think you’re going to give more music skillz to many curious people.

    Can i hear some productions you made ?

    Keep the vibe

    Romain from Paris so excuse my english :)

  • Kwanzilla Opus

    what mixing board is that a zed ?

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