OD Music Production 101 is Live!

Our free ebook has been transcribed onto the web to make it super easy to get at!

What’s one more sleepless night of many?! OD Music Production 101 is now up online on its own beautiful website.

The advantages to having OD Music Production 101 online are numerous – you can be sure you’re always looking at the most up to date version, you can dip in and out wherever you are, and it’s easy to bookmark and share pages you think are interesting.

We’re updating OD Music Production 101 all the time, and in order to keep my promise to you guys and get it out to you today you might see a couple of gremlins in the images here and there. Things are going to be much more gorgeous over time, with multiple b

ackground images, interlinking, jumps to video tutorials and more, and as mentioned we’re still going to be maintaining the ebook, and it’s going to be available as a (free) download over the next few days; the web version of OD Music Production 101 will always be free and easy to access without any requirements, but to try and grow the OD community I think we’re going to go ahead with a ‘pay with a like/tweet/+1′ (or is Google+ completely dead in the water? We’ve never really bothered with it…). Hopefully a small price to pay, and a lot of you guys will already be eligible through liking our Facebook page!

If you notice anything ugly, weird, or just plain wrong, feel free to let me know- and have a good weekend!

  • James Badia

    Small update needed on the section about reason to include reason extensions

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Ah, thanks for bringing that to my attention James!

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