OD Music Production 101 Update Imminent!

Our popular OD101 ebook is not only being revised but being turned into a website too!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that OD101 has been down for a few days – whilst doing the housework behind the scenes I decided that if we don’t need a forum, there’s very little we need a membership for at all, at least… yet (wink wink). So when trying to figure out how best to offer OD101 and what to do with it, I decided that it was also a good time to update it a little… and then, as so often happens with my small plans, I decided to go one better and turn it into an online resource.

So OD101 – from now on OD Music Production 101 – will be back up for grabs by the end of the week, still free, better than ever, and all 40+ pages will be transcribed to a gorgeous, easy to browse, bookmark, and share resource. The ebook will still be available (there’s things you can do with page layout you just can’t do online, and the styling of the book took a couple of days work in itself!), and it’ll all still be free… oh I said that.

Something we’ve considered is a ‘like gate’ for the site, ebook download, or both, just to help OD to spread a little and make a real quick, low commitment way to get the goods. However I do want to put this up to the community; you can be the bastions of morality here guys, if you have any strong feelings about requiring a Facebook like from new users to get to read and use OD Music Production 101 then let me know. The idea is that it ushers new guys into the fold and hopefully helps us to grow, but if it ends up doing the opposite it’d be a terrible shame!

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts!

  • Rhapz

    This updated source will also help reinforce the material in the OD Total Music Production course – so please feel free to take a second look even if you picked up the early versions of the book (like me!) As seen in the brief snippet “Technology” above, this knowledge is also applicable to popular DAWs as well (e.g. line sequencer in Reason, Phrase/Pattern clips in Ableton, etc.) so its a good resource for not only beginners, but for others seeking to know what all is out there in the music creating world. Please look out for it and share if its good info.


      Where do I get the OD101 material?

      • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

        Hey Aenslad! The updated guide will be online tomorrow as ebook and website :)

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