Starting Tomorrow: OD Sketchbooks – Free Sound Packs

I told you we weren’t going to stop bringing the freebies…

Starting tomorrow, a new regular free download section is going to go live: OD Sketchbooks, a special kind of free sound pack.

OD Sketchbooks

An OD Sketchbook is a carefully assembled group of sounds that will fit great on a pad controller – but of course will be perfectly playable on a keyboard – and is designed to allow you to jump straight in and jam, helping you with your live playing rhythm, or even to use as a construction kit for a full track. Single hits, chords, effects, and perhaps the occasional loop will be the order of the day, and of course everything will be professionally polished and optimised so that you can sound great immediately… well, once you’ve added your own inspiration, of course! Of course, there’ll be a little extra OD flavour too – more on that later!


We’re keen to make sure OD Sketchbooks are something you can all enjoy, and so far we’re looking at the following formats for inclusion:

  • Reason Combinators
  • Ableton Live Packs
  • Maschine Packs
  • WAV files, for maximum compatibility

Is there anything else that you use and want to see OD Sketchbooks available for? Let us know in the comments so I can look into creating them for you…


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