Tearing off the Band-Aid… I mean plaster.

Well it’s been a quiet month or so here at OD, but not without good reason. As you can see, the whole layout of the site has been changed – and I hope you’ll agree improved, otherwise a lot of head (and heart) ache over the past few months has been in vain. And this is just step one – as we settle in, things will get better.

From now on, I want to make OD sleeker and smoother, and the new look isn’t just cosmetic. There are things in the make up of the new site that will make delivering information and inspiration to you much simpler and more efficient, and that’ll allow us more time to make the things that have the most time cost even better. There’s going to be more of everything now… or at least, almost everything. Nothing gets us disillusioned more than reviewing copycat, ‘me too’ software and hardware that really doesn’t need to be reviewed: it’s boring at best, largely unhelpful, and at worst it makes us feel like just another cog in the big consumerisation machine that makes us all focus on the tools rather than the things we make with them. That’s not to say we won’t be featuring new hardware and software anymore, but that the way that we feature it will evolve into something more interesting and useful.

So, going forward, I want to have more fun with gear; OD is going to make more music, and encourage and inspire you to do the same. That’s what we’re here for, right?! The only thing is that in the short term, the interim between the old and the new, things might get a bit messy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that it doesn’t matter how much you meticulously plan out a big leap, the real work is the remoulding and continuous improvement that you need to do after you let the world get its delicately manicured hands on it. With that in mind, figuring out exactly how things from ‘classic’ OD will fit into our new world is something I’m approaching as a somewhat ongoing concern. Nothing’s disappeared, but it’s also not necessarily in the easiest to find place right now. What’s more, some of our older content is… well, a bit ugly. That’ll get fixed in time too.

For now, bear with us while I re-gear, and stay in touch: OD is for you, and you deserve the best. Oh, and if you want just a little more information, check out our short explanation as to why we weren’t over at NAMM this year; our non attendence had a lot to do with our solidified direction!

  • AfroDJMac

    The site looks beautiful man! I look forward to your new direction, it sounds more inspiring and fun to me! All the best :)

    • Chris

      Thank you! It feels really good to get things off to a fresh start!

  • Lion

    Very nice clean design. Kinda reminds me of ableton’s new site

  • runbantayrun

    Looking forward to this. Good job mate!

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