Oh Drat Podcast

The Oh Drat Podcast: Changing with the Seasons…

Okay, to answer the question we’ve been asked daily for the last month, the Oh Drat Podcast hasn’t been cancelled but we are changing it a little bit. We’re finding it tough to get the time to create a monthly show; we’ve always strived not just to grab a few tracks, but to find the newest, freshest music and present it in a well mixed and presented manner.

the podcast will be bigger, longer, and better than ever

What’s the point in just stringing a bunch of tracks together in this iTunes enabled age? Anyway, creating a podcast to the standard we think is worth it takes time we’re finding increasingly difficult to assign as Oh Drat grows, so we’ve decided that rather than monthly, it’s far more manageable to make the podcast a quarterly deal. Part of that deal to you is that the podcast will be bigger, longer, and better than ever, though, with exclusives and more.

One thing we’d definitely like your input on is what else you’d like to see from the podcasts. Would interviews be something you’re interested in? How about audio tutorials? We’re pretty sure that videos are best served by video streaming sites – subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get your fix of our reviews and tutorials, for instance – but how about other podcastable material. eBooks and PDFs, perhaps? Let us know: we just want to make you happy.

Oh, and if you think you’re the kind of person that can help Oh Drat as we continually expand, be it with writing, editing, researching, sponsorship or anything else for that matter then just let us know by sending Chris an email!

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