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We’re Getting Organised

You may have noticed we’ve posted a little less this month – we’ve still gotten a healthy dose of reviews out, from the Livid Block to the Alesis QX49, news of the latest and greatest is still coming thick and fast, and the Oh Drat Podcast for June was released last week.

As Oh Drat grows we continually look at the best way to do things for you

One thing we’ve not posted as much of, however, is our favourite music. As Oh Drat grows we continually look at the best way to do things for you, dear reader, and in order to ensure that we get the mix of news, inspiration, and information right we’re switching up the way we deliver that to you.

  • First of all, our brand new forum is just getting off the ground and we’d love to meet you all in there to discuss music and inspirations.
  • Secondly, our new mailing list, which you can sign up to in a matter of seconds by filling your email address and first name into the boxes on the right will provide links to some of our favourite tit bits of inspiration and fun and games in easy to digest chunks.
  • Thirdly, we’re going to get much more active on Facebook and Twitter and use it to share our favourite sites, freebies, and other peoples’ deserving work as well as ask you questions and find out more about you all, so make sure that you Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter and send us your music, your favourite sites, news, and that hilarious joke you’re pretending you just thought of but really you’ve stolen from an underground comedian in the 90s.
  • Finally, we’re going to put some order into proceedings. Our tireless behind the scenes work into devising the Oh Drat tutorials and figuring out the best way to edit them for you is nearly ready to bear fruit, and we’re currently throwing different coloured stickers onto a calendar in an attempt to schedule regular days of the week for tutorials, tips, interviews and Q&A sessions and reviews. Of course, announcements happen when they happen, so us whipping ourselves into shape should mean even more great content for you!

By the end of June we’ll be right back in the saddle, back on track, in the driving seat, and other transport based analogies that signify that we’ll be posting up articles even bigger and better than you’re used to. Go to the forum now – signing up takes 20 seconds – and let us know what you want to see and hear from us next!

  • Paulgaeta

    great work comrade!

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