What’s in a Name, and Other Musings…

Okay we’ve been promising it for months and the final editing process is juuuust about done: the first premium OD course is going to be available for sale in a few days!

First things first, we’re looking for some eager learners to take a look at the course and tell us how you get on. In exchange for your views and testimonials, we’ll give you first access to the course and keep your name on hand for a free gift down the line.

What the Course Includes

  • Ground up tutorials taking you from complete beginner to advanced skills!
  • Multiple camera angles to make sure you can see all the action!
  • Learn how to use every important aspect of a Digital Audio Workstation!
  • In depth training on how to use and programme a synth to get your own sounds!
  • Learn how to use a sampler and chop up samples hip hop style!
  • Learn how to record audio, edit it, and get pro quality results!
  • Learn how to manipulate MIDI to make music the easy way with amazing results!
  • Thorough tutorials on effects types and plugins!
  • Learn how to mix audio, from the basics to complicated pro quality routing!
  • How to master your music to make it loud and amazing quality to impress your listeners!
  • Get a curated selection of sounds, instruments, and effects that won’t cost a penny!
  • …Even more!

Interested? Email me, Chris, or let us know in the comments (with some way to contact you!). Do it quick though, because we have very limited availability for this offer!

What’s in a Name?

Second up, we need some advice. What in the world should we call it? As you can see, it’s going to be an amazing, fully featured course, and we want something cool and catchy that reflects the scale of the course. If you can come up with something we absolutely love enough to use it, you’ll get free, permanent access to the course. Let us know!

  • Rhapz

    Hit me up!

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      But of course Rhapz ;)

      • Rhapz

        Check your email when you get a chance for a name suggestion – cheers bro

  • Sheeks

    PUT ME DOWN! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! sir.sheekus@gmale.com ;)

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      You’ll hear from us soon Sheeks!

  • Demetrius

    *Raises Hand* Me as well

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Great stuff, send me an email or leave your details Demetrius!

  • http://www.facebook.com/baccarinifranco Franco Baccarini

    Oh drat! Pick me! Me! Me! Me! I’m also an IT teacher. I can give you real advice! :D

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Great stuff Franco – send me an email or leave your details! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Maiorta Michael Jameer

    I’m definitiely interested, would love to be a part of this!! I’ll send you an email Chris so that you’ll have my contact info.

    • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

      Look forward to it Michael!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wilbert.Rachi MC Rachi

    Am definitively looking forward for this..! PUT ME DOWN TOO.. the names a bit tricky umm Music Technology kinda defines everything this course will have in it.

  • Paulski1983

    *shyly raises hand* Can I play too?

  • Ricky

    Meee sir Meeee!! thanxricky@gmail.com

  • andiskin

    I’d be keen if you’re still after people! Email sent…Cheers Chris

  • VHS

    Just sent an e-mail with a few name suggestions.

  • andiskin

    Ha I’ve noticed we are a tight bunch here…offer something for free and we’ll come running!


    Let me know if you need my help! info@onlygp.com

  • VHS

    Any official date on when this will be released or is it just tentative? I’m really looking forward to seeing what the later chapters will contain, since some of the Pocket Tips have been helpful in providing alternatives to my own techniques or even new ones.

  • Weloveyoutoo

    Did I make it?!! Lol pick me!

  • http://www.ohdratdigital.com Chris

    Thank you to all that have responded – we’re on the case and nearly there!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aydengraham Ayden Graham

    Oooh, please please please include me in this fantastic course! I would say, name it Audio Essentials, Power Production, or Badass Beatmakers’ Course =P

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