Audiobus – The Next Step for iOS Music Production?

As much as we love tinkering with iOS music production apps, their generally walled off environments mean getting things done with them can sometimes be a frustrating exercise in going round the houses. Audiobus is going to try and change that…

Most apps do one or two things really well, and (perhaps due to the fact it doesn’t really make sense for every app) the iOS Audio Copy/Paste functionality isn’t integrated in as many things as we’d hope.

Remember the stir created when Apple’s iOS 6 keynote presentation had Inter App Audio quietly touted as one of the new features?

We’ve not seen a whole lot of inter app audio happen so far, but Audiobus is going to change all that very soon – the 10th of December in fact – but interestingly (and fortunately for those of us who have decided against switching to the latest, somewhat feature stripped version of iOS) it will be compatible with iOS 5. The basic premise of Audiobus is to create a signal path that can be filled with different apps. An input stage, effects stage, and output stage will, for instance, allow a chain of Animoog into JamXT into Loopy, effecting Moog’s fantastic synth with great quality amp simulation and then chopping the resulting sonic loveliness up into loops and segments. This is just an example; apps will have to have Audiobus support written into them, and right now Animoog isn’t on the list of apps that will premiere in the initial release of Audiobus – but it is in the pipeline.

As you can see in the video above, Audiobus creates a layer that seamlessly works – very beautifully too – within the iPad ecosystem, and allows for apps to transmit their audio between each other without any awkward configuration or switching. There are a few more videos over at the Audiobus website, and while you’re over there you can sign up to their release mailing list to keep on top of things!

We pinched this image from CDM to show you an example of the configuration screen on Audiobus, and for more pictures you should head over for a look.

Audiobus will (hopefully) be released on the 10th of December, along with compatibility with the following apps:

  • Funkbox (input slot)
  • JamUp (effects slot)
  • JamUp Pro (effects slot)
  • Loopy (input and output slot)
  • Loopy HD (input and output slot)
  • MultiTrack DAW (output slot)
  • NLog MIDI Synth (input, effects and output slot)
  • NLog Synth PRO(input, effects and output slot)
  • Rebirth for iPad (input slot)
  • SoundPrism Pro (input slot)
  • Sunrizer Synth for iPad (input slot)

and as more apps become Audiobus compatible, that list will iteratively grow and hopefully turn Audiobus into something of a gamechanger for iOS music. Each app that is compatible with Audiobus will have been personally vetted by the team, making sure that compatibility and stability stay high; after the initial run of apps, another 25 developers will get access to the Audiobus SDK to integrate it into their app for the next rollout. Will there be room for competition here, or will Audiobus turn into the defacto standard for app cross compatibility? Time will tell – if it goes well, Apple may well integrate it, or a similar idea, into a future revision of iOS but until that happens – if it does – it looks like Audiobus will be the best way to make your iPad useful for music production, instead of just a fun way to make sounds…

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