FL Studio 11 Released

We reviewed FL Studio 10 a while back and, with a few reservations, really liked it. FL Studio 11 has some notable new features, some of which have been teased for a while with gradual implementation in FL Studio 10 and demo videos, some completely fresh…

FL Studio 11 New Features:

  • Performance Mode trigger clips on the fly, with seamless integration with a variety of controllers
  • Improved Controller Support with port linking between controllers and software to allow simpler hardware integration
  • Multi Touch Support allowing core functions and some plugins to integrate with Windows Touch supported devices
  • Sequencer Improvements including playlists doubled to 199, horizontal and vertical locking options when dragging in sequencer and piano roll, monophonic brush and chord strumming modes in piano roll, and mouse scroll controlled note velocity
  • Workflow Enhancements with tweaks including right click data entry on controls, new shortcuts for faster plugin handling, and click and hold functions
  • New Plugins including a kick drum synth, X/Y pad effects, key mapping for on-the-fly remixing, and a synth and effect channel lifted from Image Line’s Groove Machine
  • Updated Plugins with improvements to the Newtone pitch and timing algorithms, Flowstone, a synth maker in the vein of Max/MSP or Reaktor, updates to the Harmor synth as well as tweaks to the visualisation plugin and multi timbral tools.

FL Studio 11

FL Studio 11 is available for now, with the Fruity edition at $99, the Producer edition at $199, and the Signature Bundle $299. Fruity edition doesn’t include much in the way of audio file sequencing, and Producer edition trims off some of the top end plugins… it’s still slightly too much choice in my humble opinion, but if you’re interested you can head on over for a look – we’ll look into a review soon!

Check out FL Studio 11 at Image Line


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