Reason 7 Audio Quantise and Stretch

Reason 7′s just around the corner and we’re gearing up for a review… in the meantime Propellerhead have posted up a look into some of the new audio editing capabilities of Reason 7…

We’ve had a preview of Reason 7 before back when it was announced, and this video shows that Reason 7′s audio quantising looks like it’s going to be one of the slickest solutions on the market (and that Propellerhead have a… quirky sense of humour!). It’ll be especially handy for those of you that record live instruments, and the bounce to rex option will be a blessing for sample chopping producers.

You can still buy Reason 6.5, and until the release of Reason 7 in a couple of weeks you’ll get a free Reason 7 upgrade if you do.

Reason 7 at Propellerhead


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