Supercharge Your Beats

Supercharge Your Beats with… Something, from Native Instruments

Ah, the enigmatic teaser announcement. Don’t you just love ‘em?

Native Instruments have a habit of teasing cool stuff, and today is no exception. Whatever’s coming is going to allow us to Supercharge our beats, but beyond that it’s speculation time! Let’s have a look…

Supercharge Your Beats

See? Not particularly informative. And, unless NI are coming out with an After Effects plugin for easy video making with Maschine, what you’ve just watched is almost certainly a render that hints at what’s coming rather than shows it. To quote Native Instruments themselves:

The sound of the 21st century comes wrapped in a futuristic user interface, fusing ultimate power with a lightning-fast, visual workflow – seeing is believing. Stay tuned.

What could they mean? What could it be? It’d be very easy to say a new Reaktor based synth/drum machine hybrid, but wouldn’t that be a little too… Maschiney? The video itself even looks like a virtual representation of Maschine’s pads lighting up as the sounds on them are triggered by its sequencer.

Linear Sequencer

As the video begins, a familiar linear sequencing roll hits a wall that turns out to be a Maschine (or Battery)esque matrix of drum and synth hits. Unless this is a major red herring, it’s thus fairly safe to assume there’s going to be some kind of sequencing element to the new newness.


As the video progresses, what starts out as simple visual representations of those hits triggering switches up, and we get a vertical line of the same hit that roll up in pitch. It sort of reminds me of the sequencer that users of FL Studio will be familiar with; a step sequencer that opens up into a piano roll, allowing quick, drum machine style beat composition with an extra layer that folds out to show melodic elements. The emphasis on the visual aspect of things, though, with all the colours and pulsations, implies that this is going to be a tad more involved than a simple step sequencer.

Any Clearer?

I imagine not. Really, I’m not sure what to say here. Semantically, I’d say ‘Supercharge Your Beats’ implies that this isn’t going to be something you use to make sounds so much as make them better. That said, NI also say that the sound of the 21st century is wrapped up in the interface, so perhaps it will. After all, why would you release some sound examples if it wasn’t the sounds we’re supposed to be interested in? 


If sound is what Native Instruments are pushing right now, presumably the next we hear will be some kind of elaboration on the workflow. Maschine takes care of the loopier side of NI’s sequencing, and it also hosts plugins and loads sounds very well. The most far flung speculative rumour I can conceive based on the speculation I’ve already made is that this is going to be the beginnings of a Native Instruments linear DAW, something that has built in sound generation capabilities and holds Maschine’s hand as a united force in production. Somehow that seems just a little too far fetched, but the way the sound examples are essentially full tracks and the extended tease on workflow does mean that if it is simply an extremely powerful Reaktor Instrument it might not mesh particularly well with the workflow you’re already comfortable with in your existing DAW/groovebox.

Well, I’m done with carelessly and irresponsibly tossing around guesses for the day. I want to know what you think though…

  • Dan

    I think they need to make their drum stuff work with variable hi hats much more intuitively. >:-|

    I love my NI gear but seriously dudes for those of us using MIDI drum sets that shit is unnecessarily hard to set up.

    • Chris

      Interesting point Dan – which gear are you referring to specifically? I’m sure we can give you a pointer or two…

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