Dratcast#2: DJ Wax On

Dratcast #2: DJ Wax On

I’ve got something very special for you today, a brand new Dratcast by the one and only DJ Wax On. Wax On is the UK based DJ and producer behind the successful Earwax and Sleazy Listening mixtape series, and in this Dratcast he bestows upon us an Aladdin’s cave of exclusives and remixes from his personal vaults. An interview with DJ Wax On, where he goes into detail about his sound and a few hints and tips on how he gets his beats to sound so fresh is in the works – for now, download and enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes and keep up with all the latest Oh Drat Podcasts and Dratcasts.


1. Nas feat. AZ – Life’s A Bitch (DJ Wax On Remix)
2. Shackra
3. Kanye West - All Falls Down (DJ Wax On Lawn Party Remix)
4. What You Got
5. Large Professor - After School (DJ Wax On Remix)
6. Beat 05
7. Viktor Vaughn - Change The Beat (DJ Wax On Remix)
8. Beat 12
9. 50 Cent - 21 Questions (DJ Wax On 50 Sense Remix)
10. Beat 11
11. Beat 13
12. Beat 06
13. Telethon ’88
14. Jay-Z - American Gangster (DJ Wax On Remix)
15. 50 Cent - In Da Club (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
16. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
17. Sisqo - Thong Song (DJ Wax On SuperDiscoRapAttack Remix)
18. 50 Cent - Candy Shop (DJ Wax On 50 Sense Remix)
19. Phillip Drummond & Lush One - Maria (DJ Wax On Remix)

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Oh Drat: Dratcast #2 – DJ Wax On by Oh Drat

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