Oh Drat Podcast March 2011

This month’s Oh Drat Podcast features a broad selection of everything from hip hop to acoustic soul, four on the floor electronica to blues. As always, you can subscribe in iTunes via the link below, and this month I’m experimenting with hosting on Mixcloud rather than Soundcloud – let me know if you think the service is better this way…

Tyler the Creator – Yonkers
Lo-fi Sunshine – Inside Looking Inside
J*D*a*V*e*Y – Lazy Daze
Panther God – Touch n Feel (Mindelixir Remix)
Jaetriks – Revolution of the People
A Daase – Goodnight
Shakka – Drivin’
Infinite Potentials – Lovesong
Sheila K Cameron – From My Room
Memotone – Sleeping with the Insects

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Oh Drat Podcast March 2011 by Oh Drat on Mixcloud

A.Daase - Slept On

A.Daase – Slept On

Slept On is a new free LP from Madison WI based producter Austin Daase. Some tracks, like the beautiful Next Level, have that important quality errant from many instrumental tracks – the feeling that the song is ‘singing’ to you; it’s impressive when that intangible narrative emerges from simple arrangement and structuring, and it’s something that A.Daase succeeds with often.

it’s impressive when that intangible narrative emerges from simple arrangement and structuring

On the strongest tracks, such as Rebirth, A.Daase manages to steep the spacey electronica sounds, which seem to be very much the sound set du jour, with a brooding, soul filled quality, courtesy of piano and guitar licks that hide inside the thump of the electronic mainframe.

A thorn in the LP’s side, some fairly drastic compression techniques mean the tracks are sometimes lacking in any dynamics, going beyond creative application and becoming slightly disorientating.

In general, though, Slept On is strong effort, and adopting the new music model of providing whole albums for free is both a brave and admirable step for a producer to take. Have a listen…

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