Universus Vol II

Universus Vol II – Exclusive Download!

Circuitree Records make things easy for us. They send us music, it’s always great, and so we often post it – because it inspires us and hopefully you too. Send us your music (fire Chris an email) and if it’s good we’ll do the same, and we might even ask for an interview too.

 and every track is a banger, from the ethereal to the west coast funk-esque

Universus II is a compilation featuring Miranda Rae, Panther God, Peripheral, Luke Vibert, Jimmy Edgar, Ak Kids, RBTS WIN, and JP and Miracle Cat remixes of Sleepover and TFPP, and every track is a banger from the ethereal Miranda Rae and Peripheral collaboration, which we have an EXCLUSIVE on below, to Luke Vibert and Jimmy Edgar’s west coast funkesque bonus track, the rest of the compilation filling the gaps stylistically between the two moods. I Want to Smoke Your Hair (Miracle Cat remix) stands out for us especially, as a 90s R&B ballad as imagined by the possessed inhabitants of a second hand toy shop. You’ll have to trust us on that because the entire compilation goes live on the 24th of September, but you can get hold of the aforementioned collaborations right now for free…
05 Miranda Rae feat. Peripheral – White Noise by Oh Drat

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