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Have Your Say: Oh Drat in the Future

Today’s a little community outreach, so to speak. Regular readers will know things have been a bit hectic for the past month or so, and it’s meant that camera time has been really limited. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed behind the scenes and in the new year Oh Drat’s getting a makeover, with a better looking and more efficient site, a shift in the way we deliver content to you to focus much more on video, beautiful photography, and easily digestible information, and the content itself is going to be much more geared towards understanding and enjoying music and production. We’re tidying up everything from the logo to the idents, Chris is going to start ironing his shirts before pressing record, and the content will be much, much more focused on regular, high quality posts than beavering away to get something new on the site every day.

Our first birthday just whispered by, and we didn’t really celebrate it because we feel a little like we’ve been letting you down over the past month or two. It’s been a year of experimentation, and some things have worked really well, others less so; as we move forward we really want to make sure we’re making our loyal readers – and we know you’re out there – happy. That in mind, please let us know what you’ve liked and loathed about Oh Drat so far, and what you’d like to see more focus on in the future. From time to time we get requests for tutorials, reviews, and comparisons on our YouTube channel and in our inboxes, and the general consensus so far seems to be that we’re on track with the level at which we’re going in at… is that right? Let us know in the comments or email Chris; in fact email for any reason at all. Are you an aspiring writer? Know your onions when it comes to production, or maybe music? Perhaps you have some bright ideas, or experience in bringing a community together. Oh Drat is going to get bigger and better, we promise, and the door is always open for talent to join our (currently very small) team.

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Oh Drat Podcast

The Oh Drat Podcast: Changing with the Seasons…

Okay, to answer the question we’ve been asked daily for the last month, the Oh Drat Podcast hasn’t been cancelled but we are changing it a little bit. We’re finding it tough to get the time to create a monthly show; we’ve always strived not just to grab a few tracks, but to find the newest, freshest music and present it in a well mixed and presented manner.

the podcast will be bigger, longer, and better than ever

What’s the point in just stringing a bunch of tracks together in this iTunes enabled age? Anyway, creating a podcast to the standard we think is worth it takes time we’re finding increasingly difficult to assign as Oh Drat grows, so we’ve decided that rather than monthly, it’s far more manageable to make the podcast a quarterly deal. Part of that deal to you is that the podcast will be bigger, longer, and better than ever, though, with exclusives and more.

One thing we’d definitely like your input on is what else you’d like to see from the podcasts. Would interviews be something you’re interested in? How about audio tutorials? We’re pretty sure that videos are best served by video streaming sites – subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you get your fix of our reviews and tutorials, for instance – but how about other podcastable material. eBooks and PDFs, perhaps? Let us know: we just want to make you happy.

Oh, and if you think you’re the kind of person that can help Oh Drat as we continually expand, be it with writing, editing, researching, sponsorship or anything else for that matter then just let us know by sending Chris an email!


The Next Phase is Here!

Okay we’ve teased you with it for a couple of months now, and the truth is we’ve probably been over thinking things – so I’ve decided that the best course of action is to dive in with both feet and just get on with it. We’ll have a review out tomorrow and starting next week we’ll be bringing you a regular tutorial, guide, or hot tip – so get your requests in now!


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