Himal - Makin' Moves

Himal – Makin’ Moves

Just a single track today, but we hope that Himal’s Makin’ Moves is indicative of his forthcoming EP. The track is rich with tonality, a fact that’s likely attributable to the combination of artists involved in the composition.

Himal’s soulful, modern sound is given impressive width and depth

Kensaye the producer, Andrew Yeates on keys, Jack Stevens on bass, previously featured artist Cherri Prince on backing vocals, and Mr Dex providing scratches allows not only each instrument but the character of the player to bring the track to life, and each element – along, of course, with Himal’s soulful, modern sound and simple laid back lyricism – is given impressive width and depth in the recording by Kensaye. Enjoy the free download!

April May Podcast

Oh Drat Podcast April/May 2011

The April/May Podcast is so called because rather than keep the podcast at the end of the month, a place it’s slipped to over the past six, I’d rather flip it back to the beginning… so the June Podcast will actually come out at the start of June. Other than the name, this month’s Oh Drat Podcast is more of the same eclectic blend of soul, jazz, hip hop and electronica – enjoy!

1. 6Fingers (Drums n Ammo) – Aw Yeah
2. Cyrus Malachi – Concrete Flowers
3. Ryan Hemsworth – Someone to Make You Crazy
4. The Rests – The Tumbler
5. Lund Quartet – Tullipan
6. Hocus Pocus – Piece No 14
7. Cherri Prince – Misery
8. Mute Speaker – Green Bean Soup ft Ree
9. Nocow – Close to Me

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Cherri Prince - Misery

Cherri Prince – Misery

Of all the independent offerings I hear across genres, blues and soul may just be the style with the with the strongest overall quality. Is it because of the requisite musicianship – a point which may be why conversely there are so many disposable ‘beat tape’ projects around?

Of all the independent offerings I hear across genres, blues and soul may just be the style with the with the strongest overall quality

I think it’s as good a guess as any, and perhaps it’s a wakeup call not necessarily for sample chopping artists to delve into music theory, but for artists of all disciplines to peer over the fence and see what they can learn to improve the quality of their art, from the feel for rhythm and texture that a sampling artist hones so well to the sense of composition and narrative melody that a jazz musician masters.

Illustrating my point, certainly about quality blues, is this delicate, somewhat dark yet seductive number from Cherri Prince. Misery’s peculiar allure is illustrated perfectly in the song’s noir tone and its vampy video… Cherri’s forthcoming full length project certainly looks like it will certainly be worth keeping an ear out for.

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